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  • (Quote) I seem to be able to hear the directions fine when there is music playing. I think the volume can be adjusted using the volume up/down dial on the car radio when the announcement is in progress and get the relative volume of both music and …
  • (Quote) Yes, That definitely works as you suggest. I drove past average speed cameras on Saturday morning with no route and I got alerts and cameras appearing as red symbols on the map Gav
  • (Quote) Hi Doug, Yes I have and today it seems to be working as it should do. I guess it's either the phone being power cycled or changing the warning type to "Read Aloud" that made it work because those are the only two differences since…
  • (Quote) Hi Doug, That is very encouraging. Maybe it's just a question of tweaking the settings to make the cameras appear on the map display then. Also I've done a power cycle on my iPhone but I've not had chance to drive past a camera yet... will …
  • (Quote) Thanks, I've changed a couple of settings since I last tried driving past a known camera using CarPlay (just the "Warning Type" to "Read Aloud" ) which I'm not convinced will fix the cameras showing on the map and also I…
  • Does anyone actually see the speed cameras on the map display when using CarPlay?
  • (Quote) Hi Doug. I'm not seeing the cameras along the route in CarPlay mode but I did see one today on the phone screen when not connected to car play and also got the audible warning. Is that a known issue or can I change settings to get them to s…
  • I don't hear or see warnings for fixed speed cameras when using the App with CarPlay.. I drove the same stretch of road today with the app connected via bluetooth which just gives audio through the car speakers and I saw the camera appear on the pho…
  • I'm extremely unhappy that I can't seem to see speed cameras on Apple CarPlay. To be honest that's really the only reason I subscribed and although they appear in the app if you don't connect the phone to car play, you don't see them if you launch t…
  • I can’t understand why I’m not getting alerts for speed cameras using the iPhone App with Car Play. Having subscribed this week I was amazed that I drove past a fixed camera this morning that’s been there for 15 years at least and there was no visua…