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  • ok i wont delete my second device. thanks for your help, hopefully my speed cameras will work uninterrupted next month. they seem to be working fine for now, thank you very much for your help.
  • Hi, i will remove the old device and see what happens, if that was the case then what an idiot i have been ;-) . the emails do not refer to a device in my defence and the cost is a monthly charge where on the old device it was always yearly, so i am not sure, but lets see what happens next month. is it normal to see a…
  • Hi I have gone to settings as suggested and I can see multiple world maps listed. I have downloaded Iraq as it was only small. Thanks for the tip I will make sure I only carry out 1 update at a time going forward Cheers Doug
  • Thanks. I am willing to try anything, I don’t see why I am getting flagged for payment when the device on the account is set for free maps and cameras. If I go to my subscriptions it would let me pay the monthly charge, (which I haven’t done course) so this is what needs to be turned off on the account/ server side…
  • An new month and another email saying to update my payment details for a free cameras for life... and guess what speed cameras do not work again... this tomtom was the worst upgrade I have ever done what a waste of money... every month the same issue doesn’t anyone in tomtom actually listen
  • Hi I have verified the settings as above and they are all set as you recommend. I tried to get only chat today but couldn’t get lower than 27th in the queue it kept jumping back to 36th then counted down . Personally I think it is something to do with the emails I am getting saying you need to pay for camera then a couple…
  • Thank you I will give that a go.. fingers crossed it will all work out ok