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  • Thanks for the info. I did a factory reset but it had no real effect on accuracy. I purchased an external BT enabled strap which I now wear for accuracy. Shame, as liked the ease of use . I find straps slightly annoying and an added complication.
  • TomTom have replaced my second broken band. This new band is of a different design to the original and appears of better quality. It definitely looks better. Thanks to TomTom for replacing it so quickly and thanks to the advice above about not having to remove the watch from the band to charge it. Hopefully it will last a…
  • My watch band(s) have broken. TomTom have replaced both the original band and the replacement band. The latest I have received feels superior and is of a slightly different design. Once I found out on this forum that you can charge / connect the watch without removing it from the band, I'm hoping it will last a lot longer.…
  • My first strap failed after 8 months, the replacement one failed today after 10 months. The replacement band lasted longer as I've another band I bought online , that I have been using to share the wear. Not great.:(
  • Umm, how do you charge your watch if you don't take it out of the watch band? What am I missing? My band failed after 8 months, the replacement has failed after 10 months. It took 15 years for my Polar watch strap to break.
  • The TomTom is out by , on average, 20bpm. This appears to me to only happened recently. I borrowed my sons garmin HR strap and hooked it up to my phone which confirmed the inaccuracy. Isn't there some way to calibrate the HR reading?