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  • I'm puzzled, according to MyDrive Connect I have the two devices. PM sent
  • OK I'll have a go there but my point is "the roads have not changed". Looking at the map of our area it is just totally wrong. There are roads (or tracks) marked which do not exist and there are additions to our road that does not exist, and parts of it that are not included. On my Mac the Maps app shows a completely…
  • I have spoken with TomTom support who were going to send an email reharding another matter and that I could use that senders address to upload and send the above story. No email has arrived. Sigh..........
  • I spoke with TomTom today. Was told that what I seek is not available. No such thing as a special download. Boo hoo! We'll miss our old mate Sean.:sob:
  • Possible reasons for this erratic behaviour: a) My house has moved; b) Our local road has been removed. I don't think so as I can see it from the window. I'm embarrassed at the various typos. Is there no way to edit a Post?
  • As an adenda I have just gone down to our mailbox, 1.59 km along a road that the Via 220 recognises and when I turned round to retrace back to Home the Via 52 made up a non-existent 14km journey. This is rubbish! Do I need to take both TomToms with me when I leave Home??
  • Just noticed on the order page that Aonghus speaks Irish. Sadly, I don't. Sean, bless his cotton socks spoke English with an Irish accent. I'll try that number tomorrow. Cheers, Pete
  • Thanks Niall I think you've nailed it (pun intended) although the download did not work: "Sorry, we are unable to add the product to the basket because a maximum is exceeded." Whatever that means so I will call the 1300 number tomorrow. Thanks for your help! Pete
  • Thanks but I'm in Australia so it is not available. Why would they do that? Appreciate your input but doesn't work here. Cheers, Pete
  • Thanks Laure123, problem solved. The booklet instructions do not have that have that info and it would be easier to get there from the link you supplied if it suggested to choose LongLat from the bottom of the Whole Map menu. Thanks again my friend. Pete