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  • Did you follow my suggestions above? What did you find in Manage my products? If it has been presumed to be a failed SD card, have Renault offered you a free replacement? If they are telling you to buy a new one, in my opinion they are shrugging it off and not helping you.
  • @VikramK - That really is a TOTALLY UNSUITABLE REPLY, and no solution whatsoever. From what he says, Jason doesn't want a refund or an additional standalone PND and would be willing to pay to get the built in Carminat back up and running with Live Services. The matter of de-activating the SIM has been there for years and…
  • You are SOOOO behind the times. You need to understand that TomTom want you to buy a nice new system which doesn't use Home. How else can they make money out of the new systems which are dumbed down?
  • Like all the many people who have suffered this problem, you need @VikramK to help out.
  • Your description of big clunky mess is sadly accurate. With no guarantees, try in the Store, My services, My updates, Manage my products. You should find a list of maps with tick boxes, ticking the box is supposed to install the map on your card. Keep experimenting and maybe one time something will happen. Make sure you…
  • That's right, you sell or give updates to Renault. Either you or Renault have to convert them to the proprietary state which runs on R-Link and neither of you are doing that. Unfortunately I have been unable to find out which of you is at fault in this regard. But I actually believe you are both at fault :- just how TomTom…
  • No he can't. He can only get maps from Renault, it's R-Link, not a Carminat. Or have you done something I don't know and taken on the updates for R-Link? @Bogieman I too got the v1011 Europe map for £25 - why pay £45 or 50 for UK&ROI when a Europe map was offered for £25? I too have not been able to get any later map and…
  • "Old R-Link devices"??? I bought my new vehicle in March 2018. I bought my Europe map v1011 in November 2018. I bought the 3 year map update service in April 2019. That means they intended to provide map updates for three years from then. R-Link Store is still offering to extend that three year subscription by another…
  • So TomTom (you) advise that I should not buy a vehicle with a built in TomTom navigation solution, I should take the cheaper option of buying a TomTom PND, which will have up to date maps?
  • Hello Jim. I presume that as a Moderator, you are giving me an official TomTom response. This seems to be a statement that since you sold the maps to Renault, you have been unable to provide more recent maps compared to the maps on your PNDs. It also seems to be a statement that you find that acceptable, indeed normal. Am…
  • Actually, the way it's looking right now, even four maps in 36 months is unlikely. I bought my v1011 map (already old) on 25th November 2018 and there has not been a more recent one issued since then - that's eleven months without a newer one. I think I can only rely on "Until 12" meaning at least ONE - in thirty six…
  • Driving yesterday and today (and will tomorrow) reminds me of a feature of the old v1011 map - it still, of course, has the Severn Bridge (now renamed to Prince of Wales Bridge) as a toll road, so to travel into South Wales from East London, as I shall be doing tomorrow, it will warn me of tolls on the route and ask if I…
  • @VikramK please resolve.
  • I know nothing about the Mazda system. But in my opinion, reformatting the SD card is not just a last act of desperation, it's a last rite - you'd kill it and lose any chance of recovery! Or in other words, don't do that.
  • Do NOT wipe the card! Before you go any further, setup a copy of the card on your computer - into a separate folder, copy and paste the entire contents of the card.
  • If the saga continues long enough, my 15 year old GO520 will die (it is quite ill at the moment) and you can have my remote!
  • In my humble opinion, the Renault dealer is talking balderdash - all you're doing is putting new batteries in. However, even if he's correct, pairing takes no time at all. And yes, any replacement you buy will have to be paired. May I humbly also suggest that if you pay £45 for a new unit, you'll be ripped off. An…
  • Current situation is, I bought the (already out of date) Europe map v 1011 on 25th November 2018. There has been no new map released since then - I check the R-Link Store almost every day!! On 7th April 2019, I bought the map update service, 3 years for £105. There has been no map update since then. For some unknown…
  • What sort of remote have you got? Does it look like this? If so, have you renewed the batteries? [img][/img]
  • Like Lampard said, quote an address which isn't shown on your map (which is 18 months out of date - there have been SIX updates issued for UK&ROI map later than yours) or a postcode (eircode) then some of us who HAVE updated our maps can see whether they show on the latest one. I don't live in Eire and I don't think…
  • You need to get to the R-Link Store and create/register an account - you need the vehicle VIN number to do that. Then you need RLink Toolbox, which can be downloaded from the R-Link Store. R-Link Store for GB is at
  • So now, Renault have completely revised their R-Link Store website, totally different. EXCEPT for one thing - there are still no updated maps!!!
  • I haven't got a Start 50. Two suggestions :- 1. When you connect, doesn't it ask which you want to use, internal or external? Download the map you want on whichever you have selected, then disconnect, reconnect choose the other memory and download the other map. 2. Take out the SD card and download to internal memory.…
  • There are very many different satnavs. Nobody can help you umtil you say which one you have.
    in Re updates Comment by Carminat June 2019