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  • Thanks. The secret was to take the SD card out and put it back in again, then it immediately suggested I had some routes to import. Cheers
  • Thanks, so you confirm what TomTom support have also now confirmed, that if your route that worked previously has a stop on a road that TomTom traffic data today says is closed, you can't even open to route to modify it, you just get "No Route Possible" The more people who log this as an issue to TomTom the more likely it…
  • Thanks, but you need to test with this route -042591|5174639|Start|4| -043555|5175047|Midpoint|0| -043716|5175526|End|2| as the one you showed hasn't got any closed roads today :-) Also, curious how you got a file in .itn format to successfully import as a GPX file. I just get "Import error"
  • Please do report this issue to TomTom with an enhancement request so they fix it. What I would like to happen, is that it opens the route and allows you to remove the offending stop or that it routes around it or that it takes you to the point where the road is closed and allows you to select Current Route – “skip next…
  • Here's the reply from TomTom support Sam (TomTom) 4 Aug 2021, 13:08 CEST Dear Mr Daniels, Thank you for your update. This is Sam again. I have checked your concern with our 2nd line technical team and they have advised that we currently do not have a workaround for this situation. However, we have logged this as a…
  • Here’s how to reproduce the issue. 1. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on the device so it can’t get traffic information 2. Copy the attached .itn file to the memory of the device via USB cable 3. Import the route 4. Open the route from “My Routes” 5. It opens OK 6. Now connect to WiFi and check that Traffic is now connected…
  • Thanks for your comments 1. I've posted in the correct section now 2. I will try your suggestion. I think I might need to leave it a while to forget previous traffic information 3. Save the data I provided in a .itn file (use notepad or simple text editor), then copy it to the TomTom and it should prompt you to import the…
  • I can understand that it can take a long time to write additional code to cope with the issue but why not just remove some code and disable the time sync with the GPS satelites. On the device there is an option set the time, why not allow us to do that and then NOT sync with the GPS system, just accept the time we manually…
  • @tiljes so lets get the arrival time thing fixed now, and work on the rest in the background\later.
  • Can we get some idea from TomTom on WHEN they expect to have an update (with fix) for the Rider (2013). Thanks