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  • Lots of happy customers... 🤣🤣🤣
  • Hi all, fortunately my subscription expired a week ago. Just here to see whether TT can solve their problems and. then I'll look into a possible new subscription. Good luck to all users !!
  • getting worse and worse...... your clients seem to know better than TT-developpers. oh dear. Users are better informed and skilled than TT-development. Am getting an bit cynical as quite a bit of users are still not able to use tt-home 3 months after Catalina release......
  • blimey, the icon doesn't even bounce.... Why do you want us to install Java-vesions that suit you? I mean on my system all applications work fine apart from one. And seeing your toils, troubles and problems to come up with a working version I think I don't do anything with Java as I might end up with TT Home working but…
  • I feel happy knowing my subscription ends on the 25th of December. No more blaming the customers, no more excuses and no more tell-tales as in "yes we have a working version now".
  • Does anybody know how to replace a built-in TT Carminat? And have a Garmin? TT this is the second time you are not able to deliver functioning software to your customers. Next time I buy a car the built-in satnav will be a real issue for me.
  • Well....... one should give TT the benefit of the doubt and think in IT it never works in one. But question. Why is tt home still not working on Catalina??????? App does not open. Does not open by double clicking on the icon and tt home does not open when my device is connected to my Mac. Think you have a serious problem…
  • Who starts a class-act?
  • Thanks TomTom, but no thanks. we are over a month in Catalina and during this period you were not able to fix the 64bit problem or ome up with a new version of Mydrive. This is not the first time I am having an issue with TomTom and yes, the first time was a bluetooth problem. My Device could not handle a connection with a…