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  • I’m unsure how people are using two Bluetooth connections as I was under the impression that was how one connected using the MyDrive app on the phone. The issue appears to be the MyDrive app locking up and crashing and preventing data coming in by 4G being routed through the app and to the phone by Bluetooth. In other…
  • Yesterday I used my Go 620 in my car having left it idle for some time, given the same issues with MyDrive app and internet connectivity for traffic data. I note that when I boot it up, it connects to my home Wifi and by bluetooth to my phone (IOS 13.5.1) and everything works perfectly - connected to traffic and internet…
  • I'm having the same issues as everyone else here with my year old GO 620 and the MyDrive app on my iPhone XS running IOS 13.3.1 Is there any likelihood of a proper fix, so the device works as advertised and intended, or is it time to buy a Garmin? Cheers John..
  • Thank you so much for that detailed and very helpful explanation. Bear in mind this is my first GPS device, apart from the TomTom app on my iPhone, which I installed after finding the likes of Waze, Google and Apple Maps a little to basic, and of little use when you have no cellular phone connection. So there is a learning…
  • I've also noticed this behaviour on my new GO620; I get the green blob, sometimes just a green circle with a white centre on the route bar 'track', and other times its a solid green with a forked route symbol in the Middle. At the same time, the red text at the top of the symbols on the route bar changes to green, rather…