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  • Not a silly question. Sports Tracker. My TT watch is now working normally. But I am afraid that some day my three years old watch will not work (actually 4 years old, wasn't in use at its first year) I can do first aid to my watch - open it and let it dry. I can reset the watch thank to this forum. I read many interesting…
  • I bought the new one (a strap) from China.. The Price was bout 5 euros. I rinse after every activity the strap with water
  • I had same problem. I had two times opened the watch with Torx (first time) and with screwdriver (yesterday) . There are 6 small screws. Be careful. I let it dry for one day. I took the inside pin connection open. And raised the joystick switch from its place. Now it is working. The sealing is of course in bad mode. My TT…
  • I use Intervals. warming time or distance. Set workout 1600m or 1 mile. And rest. And sets...
  • I did not swim with TT. But there was water moisture inside. Because I rinsed the strap with water I opened the watch with screwdriver and let it dry for one day. The screws are very small indeed. And I opened the connection pins inside the watch. The procedure is not good for the sealing the watch. Now it is working again…
  • I bought new strap from China. The price was about 5 euros. Always after sport activity I rinse the strap with water. The sweat and the heat makes the strap like a licorice. But be careful, not let the water (any drops) outside (and inside) the watch, because there would be trouble in watch.
  • I have the same problem. The pins in the connection of charging wire vs. the pins of watch are in bad condition. I only press the connection with my hands. And then it is working.