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  • OK Jürgen, If the New TomTom Go is on hold then why not just open the "TomTom Navigation" app to the global market? It has been updated on a regular bases. It is a working version for the South American market. It apears to be a clone of the New TomTom Go that has been out for sometime now. Or better to say the New Tomtom…
  • @Jürgen, So is the app on hold or not? If newer version are coming out and TomTom is saying it is on hold. What is the real story here????? As for email I do not use my real name here........ Still today under my real name and email address nothing........ Is the truth being held in isolation like the…
  • If it is on hold where is this coming from??? Like I said I do not know if it is a Beta version or one that can be downloaded. I have sent a email to TomTom for answers and have not received any info from them.
  • I do not understand TomTom not giving some type of update. There is now TomTom GO_v2.0.7 in forums. Do not know if it is a beta or not. If they are going ahead with this new TomTom Go then it is time to say something. I am still with the older version of TomTom Go and would like some type of update from TomTom that would…
  • I quote the rules in Germany. "When driving in Germany, it’s a legal requirement for cars to feature emissions stickers (Umweltplakette) for entering the country’s major cities which detail their emissions standard. These stickers are being used to improve air quality in so-called environmental zones, which restrict access…
  • @tgold, 3 posts that could be put into one post about file mgr. Plus even if you do get the poi's in you will not see them on the screen. So what is the point of even trying to have them installed. There is enough info inside the app that you can turn on or off in regards to POI's Why would you even if TomTomGo could show…
  • @schneidernet, You spend a lot of time tooting your horn here. 4 posts in a row which could be put into one. We all know your attitude abut the new version. Let TomTom work out the bugs already. It is new and has not been released to everyone yet. But you go on and on and on about it. Enough is enough from you.
  • @lsantas, How did you come to that conclusion???? Some more fake news to spread around.
  • While all of this still very new there are app's that can be used along with a GPS app. Example: This is just one of them. plus their website I see later that most GPS apps will have full coverage of EV charging stations…
  • Correct, Are you saying when you open a topic or discussion which has multiple pages it takes you to the 1st page instead of the last page where the recent comment was posted? Just tested and now it is correct. What ever you did thanks VikramK :)
  • Over at the Google Store and there are lots of problems with the Spotify app. To always say it has something to do with TomTom GPS app is wrong. Take it up with Spotify not TomTom. Plus if you are using any GPS app it is important to drive safe and not have other app causing one problem or another. You have phone call,…
  • @Clive1955, You seem to be the only one having this problem. It this the only app where things are deleted??? Have you tried a different GPS app as a test to see if it happens with it???? Did you check for virus?? Does TomTomGO have he same problem if installed on the internal memory??
  • @Clive1955, I would test with another SD card. Could be a problem with the one you have.
  • @GuildNavigator, Try looking at Germany, Spain and France. as examples: Germany has 5 areas to pick Spain has 3 areas to pick from France has 5 areas to pick So if you do not need the complete country you do not have to download all of it. Plus you get small updates to these maps with out having to download the compete map…
  • I think to avoid these types of problems they should make beta versions for anyone who would like to help test it at the Google Store. With a delay added to the app that will stop working when the next beta version is ready. That way it will stop user's only having the beta version and force them to test and report back.…
  • Well I plan most of my trips weeks and even months ahead of time. I add them in as favourites and they are there when I am ready to start my trip. I pick the one I have planned and it looks at what the road conditions are and we are off. Most user's know at what time of the day there is a lot of traffic. Be it at the start…
    in Planning Comment by Asprin December 2019
  • It is also called your alarm clock on your smartphone. That works very well Also your calendar reminder works pretty good too.
    in Planning Comment by Asprin December 2019
  • @Steefo, Stop spamming this forum!!!!!!!!!!
  • This topic about Head Units has gone on so long. TomTom has repeatedly said they have not tested TomTom on 3rd party Head units. It is not supported what is so hard to understand?????? This section of the Forum is for talks about problems with Smartphones nothing else. Why it keeps getting spammed over 3rd party Head Units…
  • @Lochfrass, I have read all the post and there is nothing about Head Units. Yes there are some smartphones that have problems. But I do not see TomTom even going down this road. The New NDS app will let you connect via mirror link that is about all. Plus TomTom has a list of Car companies they have TomTom pre-install on…
  • @Steefo, Why are you not showing the info you got from TomTom????? To have everyone start spamming the support based on your post alone. With out any proof of what TomTom has confirmed to you or so you say. When all along they have not tested on any head unit. They have repeated over and over that the app is made for…
  • If you go to your contacts and press on an address it will let you open TomTomGO or any other gps app you have installed. Please note the address has to be in the correct format for it to find the address on the GPS map and have the correct country installed. This should work on a website that shows it's address too.
  • @Jovabo, I Think you are better off asking this here.
  • One thing I have found is when I have send messages to my smartwatch via Bluetooth. Whatsapp,Messanger, Email, etc, etc then get in my car and the phone connects to my car radio via Bluetooth for hand free calling. I start TomTomGo and setup to a location no voice comes out. When I go into my smartwatch setting on my…