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  • Even this update doesn’t solve the many bugs. Please give us back Go Mobile instead of a buggy Go navigation! Me (iPhone 6) and my girlfriend (iPhone 8) experience a lot of weird navigation errors: (Zoetermeer) (Ridderkerk) At the roundabout Berenkuil in Utrecht TT always wants me to do a 360 instead of take a right and if…
  • I tried to import videos shot with my TomTom Bandit into Virb Edit, but I get the error "There was an error playing the video." Also when I try to import the GPX file I get an error. Is there something I do wrong? Or do you know of some other overlay software (other than Dashware, that is only for Windows unfortunately)?
  • Now I understand. Many TomTom users reported problems with connecties to TomTom servers while using a proxy server. Unlike other TomTom software Studio does not support configuration for connections yet. TomTom, is there a possibility to release an update file like the SAP TomTom directory update (dir_update.bat -smpuser…
  • It's correct that it is not possible to buy the goatee (as the wind shield is called) seperately. I would contact TomTom as suggested by a TomTom representative:
  • Why do you need proxy support? What you need for an update of the camera is a mobile phone (connected to internet and to the bandit) or a computer connected to internet. The update will be downloaded to your mobile and then be transferred to your Bandit or it will be downloaded to your computer and then be transferred to…
  • Here, here! That would be super! And if that would be combined with simple cutting features (beginning, somewhere in the middle and at the end), I would solve the problem that I need iMovie to edit the entire clip. Oh, and I would like to be able to save the clip to a certain size or to a certain quality (to email them).
  • Sure! You can buy the base pack and buy accessories separately. For cycling you do not need the waterproof lens, because the standard lens can resist heavy rain (as a sailor I experienced no need for it). The base pack contains two helmet straps and a gopro adapter. So all you need is to buy the windshield (it filters some…
  • When both see each other than I could connect the remote to the Bandit on a distance of 30 meters and control the camera up to a distance of 35 meters. When there is something or someone in between it all depends on what is in between.