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  • I installed this new release and everything seems fine. It’s a pity that it still can’t “remember” the previous destinations after turning the device off and back on.
  • Could you install the app that supposedly is only available for south-America?
  • Yes, I also think it's important to make some pressure on tomtom on the need to launch real and useful updates on this version for Android. This community is not only to exalt their products, but also to share concerns and needs that we may have.
  • You probably selected a destination in a diferent time zone from were you are. In this exemple it means that the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is 16:59 local time at your destination.
  • I think this update was only maps, not the app itself. I have that problem since the first day, but I have the app installed on my car so it goes off and on several times a day. Didn’ you turn your device off and then on again?
  • @dahawthorne as far as I know there is something in the app that cannot “see” the maps when there are some changes in the system. Perhaps it has something to do with them trying to prevent illegal copies or unlicensed use of the app. It seemed logic that the licence protection was only in the app and that it could read the…
  • Solved. Sometimes the login on the Tomtom account was not done properly and that is why traffic was not working (the account for TT services was a different account from the one I used to buy the license in the play store). Fortunatly this has nothing to do to the fact of beeing a kind of Android tablet instaled in a car.
  • I find that a little bit odd as when I bought the license it said it is compatible with my device and everything else works fine. This is not an imbedded Android, this is like a tablet with a WiFi connection. Really TomTom won’t support this? I got two otherTomTom devices and for me the integration of destinations with…