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  • And now 3.1.3 - gosh, two in a day!
  • Thanks for the updates - but what does version 3.1.2 which I have just downloaded do?
  • Is the voice Serena? If so, a known issue that TT say they are working on, threads below. Don't drive from London to Portsmouth via Guildford until fixed though!
  • Tried Karen today, unfortunately she couldn't pronounce 'Twickenham' intelligibly. Will persevere, but am pessimistic.
  • Choices of english speaking computer voices seem limited. The Australian voice, Karen, isn't too bad and has managed to pronounce 'church', 'court' and 'Hanworth' correctly today. I don't know if the new app version, 3.0 makes any difference to Serena. Does anyone know where the release notes for app version 3.0 are?
  • It's good to hear it's a known issue, but can we expect a fix? It can be funny, when you are in familiar surroundings, but it certainly isn't when you are further afield. Any timescale - earlier versions worked better , if not perfectly.
  • That's right. The pronunciation problem seems to me to be at its worst after the letter 'r' when an superfluous vowel is introduced; so 'Horsley' becomes 'Horisley' and 'Guilford' becomes 'Guilferi...' I've downloaded recorded voice 'Jane' in the hope of an improvement, but not yet tested it. In the meantime, and coupled…
  • Can you fix the frequent mispronunciation of common english place names by the app voice Serena that has become more frequent since the 2.7.x updates. They aren't so important when you can guess what is being said, but it can be seriously distracting when you in unfamiliar surroundings and relying on clear directions. On a…
  • A disturbing experience with version 2.7.1. I was on the A27 at google location ref 50.847713, -1.010152, driving south. My route needed me to turn east along the Havant bypass, but the verbal direction I was given by the app was to go straight ahead, and not the correct direction (which was showing on screen via Carplay)…