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  • Yep. Thanks for all the help. Alan
  • It all seems to have gone back to normal now, except that I've lost my entire list of contact addresses. At least it's working again though. Alan
  • OK, I did that. After the 'recovery', Connect still told me that the Navcore software was not recognised, so I did it again. Fine so far. I turned it on and it asked for a language, I selected English (UK), and then it told me that no voices are available, and no maps either. MyDrive Connect now tells me that it's fully up…
  • This is interesting, if worrying. Yesterday, it all worked just fine. Today, I plugged it into the PC to try to find the memory usage, and MyDrive Connect now says: 'Unknown Navcore Version. The system software on your device is not known by the current environment. Please make sure to install the compatible version', And…
  • I have no idea how much memory is used. How do I find that out? Alan
  • By the way, the key appears to be turning it off for a long time. I've no idea why that worked.
  • I had tried all sorts of short/long presses of the power button. No behaviour of that kind happened. I've got it going by following the steps I described, and now it appears to be working properly.
  • I appears to be working now, so the procedure seems to be: 1: ignore Tomtom's instructions. 2: uninstall Tomtom Connect. 3: reboot 4: reinstall Tomtom Connect 5: plug it in and let it update 6: switch it all off and on 7: let it update again 8: switch it all off and on 9: let it all update again, this time it should report…
  • It's a Start 25, serial number starts with BQ, Model 4EN52 Z1230. It simply froze over a week ago. I tried to update it using Connect, only to be told that 'we're very busy' for over a week. Then I uninstalled Connect, rebooted the PC, reinstalled Connect from a fresh download and it then did the update, taking several…
  • I have the same problem. Tomtom Start 25. I managed to get the update intoit after a week of being told that the server is busy (by deleting Tomtom Connect and reinstalling it), and I'm now told that it's up to date. But it won't switch on. I get the splash screen and nothing else. There's no reset button and holding down…
  • My Start won't update at all. Every time I try (for over a week now, several times each day), all I get is 'We're very busy now, please try later'. That's not very inspiring. Perhaps I now have a useless lump of electronics.