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  • Wow that was interesting. First I tried using MyDrive Route Planner to make the .ov2 and followed the instructions and got to Download your MyDrive data, clicked it and nothing happened. I expected to be asked where to save the .ov2 file, but was not. In your latest email, as suggested I installed the latest version of…
  • Thank you - that sounds interesting - will investigate later - and report back.
  • Yes I have latest UK & ROI map installed, latest speed cameras, but I have EU maps which I do not update nor have active. I don't know how long this anomaly has existed as I have not explored the extent of built-in POIs before, only bought device in May this year.
  • Ok - thank you.
  • Doug "I am not sure you will be offered any updates for the UK & ROI map." Why do you say that? and if that is the case, how to do I get the latest UK&ROI map when one (inevitably) becomes available?
  • Hi Raises the question - what control (if any) do I have on where the map downloads to. I like your reasoning about having the backup EU map on the card and the UK map on internal memory. At present I believe I have the EU map is on internal memory and UK on the 16GB card. So at the next EU update if I understand you the…
  • Hi Doug Pleased to say all working good now Extra memory card installed UK&ROI map installed Now got 442MB internal free, and 15.39 GB on card Thank you for all your help - and others who have contributed - its been most welcome as I get to grips with my new device RIP ONE
  • YamFazMan - thank you - extra card installed - UK map installed. Well happy - now where was I going ??? =)
  • Hi Vikramk - thanks for the UK map - updated and installed in under 5 minutes, much much nicer - support from this forum has been really helpful in assisting me moving from an old TomTom One to a really good modern model. Thank you.
  • Yes mine does not work as you say - but looking closer at the example you put as a link to my thread its clear I right-clicked the time in the latest comment rather than the time on the original post. The only thing I don't get is the final /p1 so don't know what that does :) Thanks again.
  • Thank you - I just had another update and the download folder new home seems to have worked as expected, the one on the C: drive remains empty and the new home contains a copy of what came down. Nice and easy to manage. So - thank you for your help - your input is most welcome. I wonder when the moderators will pick on and…
  • Hi YamFazMan You been busy - thanks for your answers - clearing the cache works a treat - does the fact that I "saved" the setting mean that leftovers will not be left in future? I also took the opportunity to move the download folder to another volume so it wont fill up C: any more, and its more visible where I can see…
  • Thank you Doug - here goes with my reply paragraph 3 "You cannot..." surely I can if I get a small map (Venezuela seems a popular one) and load that hoping it fits what memory I have left, then delete EU, then install UK? If this is the case then I would need UK&ROI and Venezuela, and would perform the following. Install…
  • Yamfazman - let us indeed see what the moderators say in the morning. Thank you for your help.
  • Hi thanks for your input - feel like I'm getting somewhere. Down to data - my serial number begins XR..... My map is 'Europe' v1025.9415 (Released 01/2019) Free space 443 MB Internal memory and in case it helps Application version is 18.203.0026.311 (0) (05/04/2019) Looking forward to next reply...
  • Hi YamFazMan Appreciate your prompt reply. I thought my Start 52 only had 8GB of internal memory and was puzzled by your point the full Europe map was in excess of this value - maybe I got 16GB or something. MyDrive only says I got 423MB free but does not say out of how much. You are dead right on all the good reasons why…
  • I have just received a reply from TomTom central and their unimpressive reply basically said "Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that I cannot assign you map of Europe and Republic of Ireland as the TomTom you hold already has embedded subscription of LifeTime Europe map." This reply took 4 days to arrive, answered the…
  • Thanks Doug - its coming together slowly. I will get onto TomTom support just as soon as they open for business. Regard Alan.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply - must admit it seems to make sense (only been new owner of my Start 52 for a few days, as my old TT One suffered terminal event when WNRO happened). Am I right in thinking I always have to have at least one map loaded? And - that until I get more than one I will never be offered the option to…