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  • Also - you can tell it that a speed camera IS somewhere but can't tell it that a speed camera has been removed. (except for mobile cameras) Seems the only way to do this is via the web site which, let's be honest, virtually no one is going to bothe…
  • The real test will be tomorrow when I go back to work but I was able to test a couple of postcodes over the weekend and yes, the problem seems to be solved. Will update if I come across anything else strange or wrong!
  • I wish I had done this. I bought a few months of traffic but when that ran out I moved to the vastly inferior new app. It's taken until now for TT to make the new app even close to the old one. You'll still be a little frustrated when you move, I s…
  • The iOS update arrive this morning - at the same time as the iOS 13 update - pretty sure that's a first for TT :) Will give the postcode issue a test today. Not specifically referred to in the change notes but that's to be expected
  • (Quote) Touche :) (but thanks)
  • Great news - any indication as to how long that will be? (You knew that question was coming :) )Thanks
  • (Quote) Jurgen, I'll add some more next week when I'm back at work but in reality, this appears to be ANY postcode entry that you don't / can't add a house number to. Always defaults to the start of the road and if that's any distance away you're l…
  • (Quote) Thanks YFM, it was a general comment, not addressed to you in particular😊
  • (Quote) Thanks, BrianE, but as far as I'm aware this problem is only on the TT app - not sure if it is a problem on any standalone devices.
  • (Quote) Yes, that does work, but it's a workaround that introduces more steps. I'll use it while its required but surely TT has to accept that this is a fault and needs to be fixed, especially in light of the fact that this problem has been introdu…
  • (Quote) Come to think of it, I'm not sure that does replicate what happened to you exactly?
  • I tried this and I think it replicated your experience. I used the postcode initially and, as usual, the arrival point was the start of the road, not the actual postcode. I then parked at the venue and when I got into the car to leave I used recent…
  • Thanks, Doug, will check this out this morning and come back
  • This has gone very quiet. Does anyone know if its being looked at? it's clearly a fault and wasn't an issue on earlier versions.
  • I've stopped sending these by the way - not because there aren't any more but because it happens pretty much every time so there's clearly a generic issue.
  • (Quote) Two more just this morning: BL3 4XB - google maps take you exactly to this site which is a small parade of shops and a pub. TT appears to show the correct location on its map but when you then press "Drive" it stops at the beginn…
  • (Quote) Thanks I'll try that while DougLap flags the problem. I seem to remember many moons ago that there was a similar issue where you couldnt search to the exact postcode, just the first 3/4 of it. Might have been another Sat Nav app to be fair …
  • (Quote) Thanks DougLap. What you describe is exactly what happens and it doesn't appear to be isolated to certain examples, it happens every time and the accuracy of the actual place it then tells me is "destination reached" is only depen…
  • (Quote) That's accurate but that's on a standalone TT. It's the GO app where this is a problem.
  • I've confirmed over the last few days that using a full UK Postcode as a destination will only take you to the start of the road that the entered postcode is on. E.g. today I entered PR5 0JE. The only destination options TT gave me were Hoghton Lan…
  • Been looking at this more over the last week and the problem is that when you use a Postcode for a destination the search gives you a road but it clearly directs you to the very beginning of that road i.e. the edge of that postcode. Not a problem i…
  • Don't hold your breath - I queried this with the previous version and it's still there. Makes adding a lot of favourites nigh on impossible if you want to see the chosen route
  • Sorry, I wasn't clear, I meant you can't search in the Mapcodes app by a point of interest so I have to find the address in Google then search for that in Mapcodes, then add the code to TT
  • Thanks Doug. That works well, but of course, it introduces at least two more steps to getting the right info into TT and you can't search Mapcodes with looser terms e.g. the name of a pub so you must know the address you're looking for. What I don'…
  • Oh and the ability to tell it that speed cameras have been removed without going online later which, let's face it, virtually no one will do.