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  • I'd find it truly tragic if the wrist straps, and not the performance and reliability of the technology embodied in the hardware and firmware, if anywhere near ‘a primary reason’ why TomTom decided it could not viably compete in the wearable consumer electronics market.
  • OK, so the situation has not changed since 18 months ago:
  • If you want to record (in your example) the ten sprint times, as separate figures that can be distinguished from each other, within a single activity record then you will need to mark laps. If you only start-stop repeatedly, then you will only get a single lap and effectively only the total time and average pace for the…
  • Not that I've ever recommended TomTom wearable devices to anyone in my social circle, after my experience with the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music, but I have to confess: even as recently as February 2017, I seriously considered buying a TomTom Spark Music, knowing full well its flaws and shortcomings. You see, my girlfriend…
  • The feature was originally marketed thus: “See who's calling or messaging while you work out.”
  • Well, how cheap is “cheaper”? (Please don't say, “The cheaper the better.”) I've used several different Bluetooth headsets, they all – eventually, or at one point or another – paired with the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music successfully and played music from it, and they were all below US$40. If you're specifically after…
  • No worries. Your English is fine; I just wanted to confirm whether ‘last song’ meant last-played or at the end of the playlist itself. I'm sorry Normal playlist playback order doesn't start from the last-played song for you. I'm only going by (recent) memory here, since I've returned my watch and can no longer re-test the…
  • I take it that your question is, “Why [doesn't] it start [playing next time] from the last [played] song?”, as opposed to anything to do with the actual last song in the playlist. What happens if you:* Switch off your headset (to terminate the Bluetooth connection) while music is playing on your watch – irrespective of…
  • There is no convincing or objective reason why owners of older hardware models would be legally, commercially or morally entitled to the benefits of later improvements. Buying an electronic appliance for a one-off cost does not get anyone the entitlement of ongoing support until the end of the device's useful lifetime, or…