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  • i know a lot of truckers who wont buy one until this feature is available again.. I certainly wont buy one till it is and i`ve been buying tomtom truck sat navs for well over 10 years
  • I was going to buy the new go expert when the built in sim version was available later this year, but as we can't add ov2 poi's then it's no good to me and I definitely won't be buying one now.. I think there will be a lot of people feeling the same about this 😒
  • The thing is here... Why should we have to add poi`s the long way round like that..? Its a faff on isn't it..? Really..?? Its been over a year that i`ve had one and still cant do this direct on my device. Tut. Come on TomTom, I really do hope this is going to improve sometime soon.. I know a lot of truckers and van drivers…
  • i use my old 5150 to add to my work places poi everytime i arrive at a new place, i then download these to my laptop and transfer them to the 6250 at the weekend. its a nuisance, but for now it works. its just a shame i`m having to use the old tomtom to do what the new updated 6250 should do. tomtom have said they will…
  • I bought the go professional 6250 a few months ago and I am pleased with it as the traffic updates are so much quicker, but like you, I use personalised poi`s for work. The downside is you cant edit or add onto these poi files on the sat nav itself when you get a new place and you want to add the place onto it. I hope this…