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  • Fastest I've ever done is 8 hours. I normally allow a whole weekend to update my 5100. It's not my end - it's TomTom. You can't even download the maps onto the PC and then only have to connect the 5100 for the upgrade. (If you're going to post and tell me that this is incorrect then don't bother - I've tried leaving my PC…
  • Paul - it's a TomTom problem, not yours. My downloads take at least 8 hours. My system regularly downloads 2.5GB in about half an hour, so it's not at my end. The other TomTom problem is that they don't give a toss. YFM - the fact that you don't have a problem isn't a solution for those of us who do. I allow a whole…
  • Yam - Re maps: The only map options I've got are Europe, Africa, Algeria, Australia, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Kazakstan, Middle East, New Zealand, Oceania, South America, SE Asia, Taiwan, Tunisia, USA Canada and Mexico, Venezuela. There's no option for UK & RoI.
  • Yam- Why are you so keen for this to be my fault? We could save millions on the NHS if they worked like you do. Patient: “My leg’s broken” Doctor: “Mine’s OK. Go home and stop complaining.” I'm not reluctant to talk about my data rates. I said in my first post that other files download ok. I downloaded a 2.5GB file at the…
  • Oh - and after it's downloaded the map it takes and hour and 40 minutes to upload it to the device. And all that for a data file which is, for me, 90% useless because I never drive outside the UK. I don't want a map of Montenegro or Italy - I just want a UK map.
  • Thanks Yam. I haven't got a problem with my interntet - other large downloads take minutes. It's only TomTom that takes ages. ONLY TOMTOM - EVERY TIME. I tried ticking the box and leaving TomTom Connect open. It never downloads anything. The only way to download a Map update is to connect the device and wait anything from…
  • I'm with SteveDUK on this. It's just taken me nearly 5 hours to download the European map update. In the past few weeks I've downloaded similar sized data in less than an hour. Its bad enough that TomTom won't let us have a UK map, and it's even worse that they won't let us download unless the device is attached, but to…
  • I have a 5100, so it might be different from the models suggested by Niall. The main problem I have with the 5100 is that the map updates take about 10 hours to complete. Someone might be able to chime in with experience from the models above. I wish I'd never bought mine.
  • Mikkok - it's been logged for at least a year. We don't need to know if it's been logged, we need to know if and when it will be fixed. That way we, and potential buyers, can make an informed decision as to whether to buy a TomTom or a device from a company that listens to its users. If this isn't fixed then my next device…