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  • 2 years later, nothing for the US. At least the Rider 550 is available. But c'mon... Any plans for the VIO? I don't want to mount my Rider for in-city commutes on my little motorcycles!
  • Maybe so. The release notes page doesn't indicate much. Sometimes it lists the version down to the third set of numbers, and sometimes it lists the version down to the second set of numbers. Not very helpful in understanding changes in firmware.
  • @Joel S. My 400 was purchased in the US when a retailer had made a price mistake. The retailer honored it, so I got it for dirt cheap. Back then when the 400 first came out, TomTom's US website mirrored all the listed features as their European website. I was pretty upset that it didn't have the calling button when I got…
  • @YamFazMan You simply illustrated what I already said in my last paragraph of my original post before I attached my pictures: "Quick Settings page from the Menu Screen (by going to the Menu, then clicking the status icons row on the top; not to be confused with the Quick Settings page from the circular slider icon from the…
  • If you haven't purchased the car mount yet, your Italian online retailer has it for 17% discount during Black Friday (ends November 25). https://www.motostorm.it/it/marche/tomtom.html
  • I didn't really care about the ability to see my devices' active subscriptions online until the 550 no longer can be updated via MyDrive Connect. And when I went to check it out, I see that my 410 is mislabeled as a 400. But with correct SN. MyDrive Connect correctly lists it as 410.
  • Craig, Have you tried opening a support ticket with TomTom? I was one of the first users of the TomTom Rider 400, and it worked fine for almost a year, until one day I updated the firmware on the 400 and boom: I experienced something similar to you. Luckily at that time the 410 (World + Great Rides Edition) came out, so I…
  • Using SD card to transfer recorded route was the only way I can achieve this. However, has any of you who have been doing this noticed that once the recorded route is transferred to a new device, it loses fidelity? Meaning, the very exact route isn't quite followed? I did that from my Rider 400 to Rider 410, and I noticed…