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  • I'm back in the same situation again - new map v10.30 available, but not downloaded to the PC. How can I get the map to download to the PC (maybe in several stages as I don't use Windows as my main OS, so just switch to it in idle moments) and then decide for myself when to transfer the map to the GPS (not immediately…
  • Thanks Lochfrass & LAURE123 for your help! I just did exactly as LAURE123 said - installing from https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/mydrive-connect/ what looked like the same old MDC and this time it works OK. Consider this SOLVED. Thanks again (both)!
  • Well - I checked my version of MDC ( then uninstalled it. I installed a fresh version from TomTom site ( With this older fresh version, access to "Manage Community Content" was OK. I then had to update MDC & found myself again with Again I was UNABLE to access "Manage Community Content".…
  • Thanks Lochfrass! I am using a Via 130M. I noticed that the site MDC tried to connect to was in fact: http://www.pcmi.com/?locale=fr_fr (I am in France). I tried your (after getting to my problem site) and that worked OK. So I can now do all the jobs I needed to do. But I have no…
  • Well - I called support & was told I had to connect the GPS & leave it connected for anything to happen. When I said I thought I should be able to download the updates without the GPS, then connect it just to transfer maps etc from PC to GPS, I was told that was not possible. Have I just not understood what "Automatic…
  • Sorry to say I didn't get this to work last year & have been using the "direct" method (connecting GPS first) again since then. Now I have another PC (W10) & would like to try again at automatic downloading. I have updated MyDrive Connect to the latest version ( & when I open MDC it shows me 4 potential updates…
  • Thanks Laure123 for your rapid & helpful reply! My problem is now SOLVED. Just for the record & in case it helps anybody: I downloaded the latest directly from TomTom but that did not change anything (I was already using I then followed your instructions (2) to look at the FAQ: The Settings >…