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Starting UPName Dropper


  • @YamFazMan @DougLap I followed the exact instructions of YFM and it worked! Updating worked immediately and my Start20 is functioning normal again. Thanks guys!! Hans
  • @YamFazMan Thanks for the instruction! I will try that tonight. Hans
  • @DougLap Ok i will try that tonight. Delete the whole application. PC on/off. Download and install new MyDrive Connect and try again. I'll let you know. thanks again Hans
  • Hi @DougLap I checked and indeed i do miss some updates. So that would probably solve my problem. This weekend i tried a hundred times to update but keep getting the message that the TOMTOM servers are very busy at the moment. Please try again. I have a good internet connection but cannot get the update this way. What can…
  • @Benji96 I had the same problem (no GPS) on my Start 20 and the advice from @DougLap worked for me. After soft reset he finds the GPS now. Only thing: I have to "soft-reset" him now everytime to get the signal otherwise he does not connect. And he is not synchronizing time anymore with the sattelites. I wonder if this…
  • @YamFazMan Remaining Issues on my Start 20 receiving GPS signal only after soft reset not synchronizing time? No ETA display not remembering last position What can i do? Hans
  • @YamFazMan, VikramK, DougLap I followed your advice and put it under the clear sky for quit a while. The device is working again but not 100%. If i turn it on normally (on/off button or powercable connected) the start-up takes quite some time (longer than i remember i think) and he will not detect any satelites. After a…
  • OK Tonight i will do reset to factory settings again and lay it in my garden for an hour. Let you know tomorrow Thanks guys
  • Hi Vikram I have an account for my device but i seemed that i couldnt log in here on the forum with those credentials so i made a separate account for the forum here. Thats is why you don't find my Start 20. :-) I am sure i have the 12.075 version of Navcore because yesterday evening i looked for latest versions. That is…
  • Hi YamFazMan Thanks for your prompt reply! I indeed started with the soft reset by holding the on/off button until the drumroll. (It was faster that the 30 seconds the description says.) Is an hour in the car after reset as good as in the clear sky? Or should it really be open air. If 25 messages = 12,5 min than an hour is…