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GO 750 LIVE keeps restarting

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I would prefer to raise this via Technical Support as possibly too much detail for Forum, but despite 2 attempts to post a technical support request, this doesn't seem to get into the "My questions" list. 

Help from any forum member would be appreciated - however, I would also ask that the moderator put me in touch with a member of the TomTom support team.

As the System Information from TomTom HOME may contain identifying information, I am not going to post it here.  However, my problem details and the solutions I have already attempted are detailed below.

I have previously attempted to report this problem on 7 March 2011, but it does not appear in "My Questions". I have the reference number, but won't provide it here as it may contain identifying information.


I have a TomTom GO 750 LIVE.  My map is on a 4GB MicroSD card.



Problem started on morning of 7 March. Satnav keeps restarting itself. If I ask it to plan a new route, it plans route but freezes for 10-30secs either just as "roads analysed" bar nears completion or when it is "writing route"and then restarts. When it restarts, it takes 30-60secs to find a GPS signal, but it does remember the route I asked it to plan and uses the planned route.

If I try to use TomTom HOME to operate my satnav, TomTom HOME stops responding at a similar point in planning process to the point where the satnav restarts.  I have to shut TomTom HOME down using the Task Manager.

While driving, the system restarts frequently, every 2-5minutes on 7,8 & 10 March. It never successfully connected to HD traffic on these days.

However, on 9 March it restarted when I asked it to plan the two routes I used that day, but it did not restart during either journey. It also successfully connected to HD traffic. I have no idea why 9 March was different.

If I press the on/off button briefly when the satnav is on, the system restarts. To turn the satnav off, I have to hold button for 2-3secs.


ATTEMPTED FIXES - applying advice on TomTom Support website

1. Manual reset (by holding on/off button in for 15-20secs)

2. Checked for disk errors - one error on TomTom, none on MicroSD card. I allowed Windows to fix the error

3. Restored backup created late October 2010 - I had no problems between the date I created this backup and 7 March

4. Checked for disk errors - none on either TomTom or MicroSD Card

5. Copied mapsettings.cfg to laptop and deleted it from map folder on MicroSD Card

6. Restored backup created late October 2010 - so I at least got my favourites back.

After each of these attempted fixes, I tried to plan a route on the satnav and got the same problem - it restarts just as the planning process nears completion.  If I then waited a few minutes, it restarted again.


  • OskarOskar Posts: 156 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Try disabling bluetooth - it may help.
  • KennethKenneth Posts: 705 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi BG,

    I've asked our support team to get in touch with you.


  • random_fruitrandom_fruit Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I've had this problem lots with my Go 740 Live.  I still have the problem occasionally.  I'd love to get an answer as to what is going wrong.
  • BGBG Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]

    Thanks for forwarding the issue to the support team.  They have sent my a suggested fix now.  I haven't yet had the opportunity to try the fix s I need to charge my TomTom for a couple of hours and I will post the results for those who may be interested.
  • BGBG Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    As promised an update.  Response from TomTom support was prompt, despite me submitting the request via the forum as I was having a problem submitting it via the support page.

    The fix offered by TomTom support has fixed the restart whilst planning problem.  It is too early to say whether it has definitely resolved the restart whilst driving problem as the restart time whilst driving was anywhere between 1minute and 1hour (on a trip earlier today before I applied the fix).  However, it all looks good so far - fix lasts longer than 15mins and this was only achieved on 3 out of ~15 journeys since the problm started.  On the 12 which didn't last more than 15minutes to a restart, they restarted within 5minutes.

    Having posted my problem in a public forum, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the support team for a prompt and effective response.

    I won't post the solution here as there were a number of backup steps which support team advised and this may vary from device to device.  Put simply, I was advised how to reinstall a fresh copy of the navigation application.  I would suggest that random_fruit may wish to ask TomTom support for their guidance as I note that he has a different device and so the steps followed may be slightly different.
  • BGBG Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    As it turns out, that wasn't the complete solution.  I do think it is "fixed" now though I hope that the "fix" is only temporary.  I had to remove all Map Share corrections and have been advised not to start reusing them until TomTom have a fix for this problem.

    Anyone else had similar advice?
  • BB88BB88 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Yes, I have the same problem too.  I recently purchased a GO 750 Live and have experienced similar issues as what you have described.  I hope TOMTOM will look into providing a fix for this.
  • KalamakiBobKalamakiBob Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    I have had an ongoing issue similar to this with my 550 Live.  Despite attempts at clearing this that and the other the unit refuses to work without an occasional freeze.  TomTom do reply quickly but I get the feeling that beyond stock answers they are lost.  To go beyond basic solutions requires elevation of the issue to 2nd tier assistance and then you hit an unwelcoming brick wall.

    Not impressive!
  • MadboyMadboy Posts: 1,785 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I had exactly the same problem - I disabled the bluetooth feature and now the 750 does not restart. In fact it is brilliant.
  • ParisGo750LiveParisGo750Live Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hello everybody,

    I also have same 2 problems:

    1/I can't send anything to support team, and I tried also on 'How to do for?', but I was also not able to send anything...Could the webmaster do something? When I receive the message Error occured on this page. Correct the problem and try again, I can't understand where is the problem. it seems it is on webmaster's side.

    2/ I also have the same restarting problem, with some times a good start only when I was at goal 100km further. I got a better running for my GPS, after suppressing the 'mapsettings.cfg file, but I still have some restart.

    In the meanwhile, I had also a bad new, since I learned that I had not registered for radars, which is wrong since I bought my set on august2010. It is still under waranty. If I can't fix it by myself, and it takes a lot of time to make trials, I will bring it back to my provider. I hope I will find a right fix before this.

    I'l tell you what happens after my next phone call to TT, and I will also try to quit Bluetooth.
  • stevemount1stevemount1 Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    hi, how is your tom-tom now? i am having the same problems and need to fix it asap. often crashes just when i need it most

  • ParisGo750LiveParisGo750Live Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I'm still in exactly same position, no, not exactly the same: my GPS was working (badly) and this is not true anymore (it does not work at all!). In fact, I received an answer after 2 days to my question to commercial service: "I do not know how to join you after sales service" , since my mails to technical service was not operating.

    They answered me and I gave them a resume of my problems. I was given a procedure in order to fix the problem, but I had no time to proceed before today. I did not succeed to fix, so I had a new question to same person, and I'm waiting for an answer.

    In fact, I think I am loosing a lot of time making this operation by myself...

    To be followed.
  • robgillingwaterrobgillingwater Posts: 10 [Outstanding Explorer]
    My Go 750 Live restarts and/or crashes,  when I have a poor GPS signal and am loading a new destination.

    On Friday last I lost bluetooth during a call and connection to Live services. I had to both restart and sign in to the Live services to get Traffic working again.

    This is the second Tomtom I have had. The last was the 720Traffic and this used to crash when using bluetooth on a call in weaker GPS signal areas. Perhaps this is a similar fault.

    In addition the 750 LIVE is much slower to process new routes and recalculate, so perhaps the processor is too slow, the software needs optimising or the unit is unable to cope with poor GPS areas when calculating.

    Any Ideas Tomtom?
  • bcondebconde Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    My 510 was doing essentially the same thing and I went down the same diagnostics path. Turns out it is the connector ... if I torque the unit so it hits just so, I will boot, but as soon as I release the unit, it shuts down. To me, that sounds like poor parts selection on the side of the Design team.
  • King_AlexiusKing_Alexius Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Dear all,

    I am here to night to dig out this old but rolling topic...

    Well, couple of days ago, I decided to update my Go Live 750, whereas I have not done it for months...

    Everything occured nicely... The installations were a plain success...

    But, thanks to that, my device don't stop rebooting while using it; sometimes it works fine after I reboot it; but sometimes not.

    And, to finish, I can't turn it off; except if I take out the SD Card and reboot if, and then turn it off.

    Any ideas/solutions guys ?

    Thanks for helping,

  • TonyPTonyP Posts: 6 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Hi.... yes I have had the same problems, I undated the software which seems to have fixed the problem, however it does still from time to time freeze and then eventually restarts- not the best software perhaps!
  • King_AlexiusKing_Alexius Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi TonyP!

    Thanks for your answer, but how did you "undated the software"?

  • TonyPTonyP Posts: 6 [Neophyte Traveler]
    When I logged onto Tomtom home it was part of the updates required- the updates appear when I log in and plug in my tom tom- however my tom tom needs to be on before I plug in it, else tomtom home does not see it rgds
  • marty-partymarty-party Posts: 30 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Has anyone got any further with these random restarts?

    It happens quite frequently now on my 550 Live, particulalry shortly after switching on. It's really frustrating as sometimes I have to pull over and wait a few minutes for it to reboot and get a GPS lock before I actually know which way to go.
  • robgillingwaterrobgillingwater Posts: 10 [Outstanding Explorer]
    After considering replacing with a new Satnav I decided to purchase new maps and renew Live services and so far the restarting and crashing problem has gone away .

    I must say the in route recalculation appears faster too. 
  • j_roger_newj_roger_new Posts: 219 [Supreme Navigator]
    Autumn map update has reduced previous level of incidences (on a  GO750 LIVE) but it does still occur from time to time.  We don't have Bluetooth enabled so that isn't a factor on ours.

    Route recalculation may be because it is processing reduced data, another factor that is a hot potato issue at present - also see thread in the Live services section about traffic data range.
  • EndOfTheWorldEndOfTheWorld Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Just to add my bit to this. My 750 LIVE is currently almost unusable because it keeps restarting. Mostly happens when I select 'Address' while trying to set a new route - but happens at other times as well.

    Everything is updated according to TomTom Home.

    Used Windows to fix disc format errors on the TomTom. Errors appear quite often and fixing them has helped in the past.

    Used the clear_flash tool (possibly not related but I am trying everything).

    Not sure what else to do now.

    I get the impression from this forum that it is quite a common problem. Maybe scope for a more robust solution.
  • stevemount1stevemount1 Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    its a big problem for me as i am a coach driver and rely so much on my sat/nav to find hotels etc that i am thinking of getting a garman. other drivers have them and have no problems. tom tom need to sort this out but do not seem bothered 
  • robgillingwaterrobgillingwater Posts: 10 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I went through the areas where I have always had problems of restarting and crashing and with the new maps and live services, the problem seems to be solved.

    I can only conclude that it was a software not hardware issue.

    I have not seen (or looked for ) any disk errors on the  unit. .
  • ewongcaewongca Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    may i know how to remove the map fix from the Tomtom device ? 
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