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I find Mysports web page relatively poor and not practical, especially when compared to some other sites.

Can you please add just 2 things to make it more manageable? There seems to be enough extra space on the page for these improvements.

1) It would be nice to have possibility to enter short "note" which will be visible next to the activity, it can be in much smaller font so that more text can be fitted. 

In current situation it is impossible to find certain activity, unles you remember distance, time or date. And if you start clicking on the activities then each time you must wait a long time for data gathering.

Nice feature would be that you can click in the "note" area next to the each activity and edit it without opening the activity.

2) It would be good to have small trashcan icon or X next to the each activity so that it can be quickly deleted without needing to go into activity, wait for data gathering and delete it then. If you are afraid that people will delete wrong activities and then have problems because of it, you can maybe add trashcan where deleted activity will be kept for a limited time (1 week?) and during that time it can be undeleted. But for me enough would be to have option for quickdelete from the activity list.

Here is screenshot so that you can see what I mean:

(don't mind the slow times, they are mostly mountain running :P )



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    I agree that MySports is lacking but I do not get the impression there is a lot of interest on TomTom's part to make major changes.  Most people in their target market already have a sports watch and a preferred platform that they use (Strava, RunKeeper, SportTracks) and will continue to do so even with the TomTom (I use SportTracks and Strava and am not going to stop using them just because I got a new watch).  This is why they made it so easy to upload to other platforms and to extract the data in virtually every file format in existence, so you can take the data and do whatever you want with it.  Unlike many of their competitors, you own the data and you are not tied to their closed proprietary environment.  They, like all companies, have a limited development budget and are going to focus on what gives them the most return on their time, which is going to be improvements to the watch itself, not the background web platform which has limited usage.  At least that is my opinion on it.
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    I also use other sites, but these additions would still be practical to have.

    Especially since they have finally implemented Race option, but it will be difficult to find exact activities for racing. There is only 5 spots for custom races in the watch.

    In a year or so I will have A LOT of activities on the website and no way to distinguish them from each other quickly.
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