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Update on the MySports website

JulianJulian Posts: 2,158 Retired Community Managers and Staff
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Hi all,

Numerous additions and improvements have been made to the MySports website, which have been published live on Thursday 19th September.

The following new features will be available:
  • Activity Details page

    • Improved map appearance and usability (on Dashboard also)
    • Three map layers (street, terrain, satellite)
    • Map trace showing Fastest Pace
    • Map trace showing Highest and Lowest elevation
    • Distance and lap markers (lap marker behavior to be improved in next release)
    • Graphs for Speed or Pace, Elevation, Heart Rate and Cadence (where relevant)
    • Graph traces showing data throughout activity (traced on map also)
    • Additional activity metrics
    • Delete Activity Button
Best regards,



  • RoastmanRoastman Posts: 84 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Thanks Julian. Even though I had a hardware problem with my Multisport, I am continuing to use my wife's Runner and am impressed that Tomtom seem to be reacting to feedback. Thanks for the info. Hope to see some feature upgrades on the watch itself, but I am still liking the unit. Changing the number and size of screen metrics would be nice.
  • masterrunnermasterrunner Posts: 14 [Legendary Explorer]
    I hope youg uys look at these... HERE ARE SOME SERIOUS SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVING THE SITE. first let me say I barely got my watch so the updates mentioned above were already in place and I lve them- i heard the site was bare bones and bd- but that was a great update. 

    BUT i have been frustrated with these few things:23512iE1C83590071941AE.png

    #1) pictured left- I don't care about my stats for the month, or really for the year often- but I  LOVE to hit WEEKLY data up- I mean my high school trainging program s based on hitting WEEKLY MILAGE- besides it seems only natural to have that as the next option...


    #2) I would like to be able to select mutiple activities to view- not just one or another or All activities on this page(left) also- I HATE how you can't see averages for treadmill and run COMBINED- well you can it just wont tell you average pace or distance between both- just duration- which I dont care... but cool average/total button!  OH! WHY ARE THE COLORS SO LAME!? i want to change my rn stat bar color to GREEN or somthing other than purple and washe dout purple- also, it would be sick if I could color cerain weeks or months... or diff colors for diff paces, distances.... Look into it? 


    #3) I want to be able to SORT these activities- just put a little button next to each heading(date, distance, duration) that I can click to make them SORT BY THAt THING... like date: most recent down..., (click again) least reenct to most....--- duration: click:- longest to shortest(down)... click- shortest to longest...  OR EVEN SORT BY ACTIVITY- activity click: treamills firstt, runns, then what ever...   PLEASE!!!!!!

    Also a PACE column would be verynice.

    Lastly- if you're still looking at this please make the map rotatable- I want north pointing left or something. It would also help rotate so more run makes it onto the screen at once.. (I Run NORTH  TO SOUTH allot)

    Thank you for being awesome and taking advice- I love yur products and your site! best support EVER! :)



    - highschool runner 
  • wshelterwshelter Posts: 29 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    How about, and this might sound crazy... show the splits, lap time and interval data on mysports.

    I can't believe this is still missing, this is really basic stuff and without this for me personally mysports is useless.
  • AllModConsAllModCons Posts: 16 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi All,  I'm new to this forum as I just got the Runner watch with HRM.

    I agree - Mysports would be great if you could get it to display splits and also the speed, elevation and heart rate all overlaid on the same graph, as well as individually,

  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 15,530 Superusers
    I think that type of display and data is available on MapMyFitness, which is synced to the MySports site, so you can go there to view it.  They have acknowledged that the MySports website is still in development and while it has improved it still has a ways to go.  In the meanwhile they have made the more robust MapMyFitness site available for use.

    If you are looking for more robust analysis and display options your best bet is going with a third party app like SportTracks (I use this one and can cut and display the data in any way imaginable) or Training Peaks.  The watch will export the data in multiple formats so you can use whatever site or program gives you the analytical data you desire.
  • AllModConsAllModCons Posts: 16 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thanks I've had a look at MapmyFitness and will also try Sporttracks to see how that looks.

  • CMcCaulCMcCaul Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Is the Tom Tom Running GPS Watch a supported device for Training Peaks?
  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 15,530 Superusers
    I download all my workouts as .pwx files and import them to SportTracks and  Training Peaks.  It does not directly connect like MapMyFitness, you need to save the .pwx file to your computer and then upload it to TrainingPeaks using their Add a  Workout routine.
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