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Does anyone know a way to manage Favorites and POIs on a VIA 1605 using a pc?  I'd like to export/import the info in CSV format and manage it with a spreadsheet.  It's a pain using the touchscreen for more than a couple of changes at a time.   Would also like to force the 1605 to use the card memory for the same items.  Thank you.


  • StefanStefan Posts: 6,090 Superusers
    Converter Tools

    There's a online OV2 to CSV converter tool, also possible to convert from CSV back to a OV2 file so the new poi file can then be uploaded to the device:

    [url="; target="_blank]URL: OV2 to CSV export tool[/url]

    [url="; target="_blank]URL: CSV to OV2 conversion tool[/url]

    POI files on memory card

    The external memory card is automaticly managed by the MyTomTom Support Application and is only used when installing additional maps when there's not enough free space onto the internal memory.

    POI files and other files that can be uploaded within the 'add community content' section, are uploaded to the internal memory of the device, there's no option to choose to upload to the external memory card. Its not possible to copy the wanted files onto the external memory card since it cannot be accessed directly.

    In addition, the memory card is formatted by the device in another format then the pc does, so the computer is unable to see its contents when using a card reader.
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