Increase font/icon size

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Is there a way to increase the size of the icons and font? I am using this app on a galaxy tab 2 7.0 and am having a terrible time seeing anything that is written on the screen. Thankfully the voices are clear enough that I can hear, but I would like to utilize the right hand side of the screen in landscape mode.


  • hatememad
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    i use the APP since weeks now.  i do not think that is possible.  However it is a good idea for the next Update. I agree with you

    take care
  • Zsolt
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    As far as I know the size is fixed, can't change.
  • floc
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    +1 for that... 7" tablet, 1280x800 in car... font is really too small!!!
  • WhiteOrca
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    Great idea as I have the same problem. Too hard to read
  • Videoman
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    Have to agree the font size is to small. Just purchased the 600 (upgrade from 950) Love the unit but as I drive a lot in the city and on motorways it can be hard to read the instructions and keep an eye on the road.
  • RalphG
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    Agreed, the fonts on my 7" Samsung tablet are tiny.  There is lots of room for a larger and more easily readable font size.  Hey, were driving and need as little distraction as possible.  Make the screen more easily readable at a glance with larger fonts.
  • Grey Trucken
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    4 years later and this issue with font size still is an issue and no resolution.
  • Asprin
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    I have a Samsung 2 7.0 and I have no problems to read what is on the screen.

    But I do not spend may time looking at the GPS app while driving.

    There is to much going on around me while driving.

    In front of me on the sides of me and behind me.

    When I need to change lanes or stop for gas or exit the highway.
    No time to even look at the GPS app let alone read any details.....

    The voice instructions tell me what exit to take.
    It lets me know a speed cam is coming up and if I am driving over the speed limit.

    I might look over at the screen from time to time but as for reading the details on the screen there is not time for that.

    The same with the side bar.
    Lots of good info but I do not need it.
    It shows parking coming up and gas stations.

    All well and good but I can see for myself the gas station in front of me if I need to stop.

    The same for reaching my destination that I will need to a look for place to park.
  • Grey Trucken
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    So what your saying is they still haven't fixed the problem. Thanks for the clarification.