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I would like to ask you whether you can give me advice on what to do with the constant crashing software on my Tomtom Go. I tried to configure it with my drive app on IPhone adding my route. Since then, I have had a constant problem with crashing software on the device. The screen freezes and the device switches off and starts again asking to RETURN HOME. Also, the battery loses its capacity very quickly, I charged the satnav overnight, so the battery level was 100% and when I used it today, the satnav crashed repeatedly and also a sign of the battery appears saying very low capacity (red symbol). Do you think, can the battery affect the software? This is the satnav detail: Tomtom 2016, device id ZAxxxxxx00. I have the satnav currently plugged into my computer for charging and the battery level shows after more then1Hour only 17% charge. Do you have any suggestions on what to do, please? Thank you. Gemalu


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    turn off mydrive sync
    keep the device charging when travelling using usb cable
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    Hello Fergusson,

    Thank you for your answer, I'll try. Regards, gemalu