Just under 1000 miles of trips on my go discover 7, notes to the developers

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So I’ve done a 500 mile Cornwall round trip and just over 450 work miles using my go discover 7.

Its quick to react and recalculate when i bypass or deviate from the route planned and the screen is a big improvement over my 6200.

Now the niggles:

No current time on the display and no option to add it in the menu system.

The volume output needs to be louder I have it set on max and it’s much quieter than my 6200 was.

Night / day screen option available on the main screen or the option to customise quick links accessed using the 3 dots at the bottom Rhs of the screen.

Speed cameras not showing on the side bar until they are 2-3 miles away.

The apparent In ability to remove the fuel price information from the side bar.

I’m hoping some if not all of these issues could be addressed with a firmware update.

Other new users please add your issues as I may have missed some.


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    fuel price should be optional
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    Well, if you don't pay your annual subscription for fuel prices and speedcams you'll get your wish in a year.

    I do think the prices clutter the display a bit and I don't find them too helpful since they don't appear until I'm quite close to the petrol station anyhow, so there is seldom opportunity for price comparison. It is mildly entertaining to see variations during a long drive though so I'd personally probably leave them on even if there was an option to turn them off. I like when things are optional.

    Totally agree about the lack of the current time, it is dearly missed. Fine with me if TomTom wants to make it optional, but that is one thing I would leave on!

    Definitely puzzled though about your low volume complaint. I find the Discover to be louder than the 620/6200 series. I'm pretty sure once I had low volume and a "drumroll reset" fixed it. (Hold the power button down for 20 seconds or so until the TomTom logo is shown and you hear a drumroll.) Probably worth a try.
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    Night / day screen option available on the main screen or the option to customise quick links accessed using the 3 dots at the bottom Rhs of the screen.

    A massive '+1' on this from me!
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    I may be on the wrong page, however, I would seriously like to see junction numbers on motorways when zooming in and or on an approach.
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    Here's my feedback/review which I hope can be corrected soon:
    1. Font is too small on highway exit number.
    2. It's a hit or miss on which side the destination is.
    3. Safety camera reporting botton is sometimes not active.
    4. No speed limit correction.
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    boljak wrote: »
    3. Safety camera reporting button is sometimes not active.
    I would think the GO Discover Speed Cam reporting is the same as the previous devices....
    i.e... When you enter a Speed Camera Warning Zone/Hotspot....
    The 'Report a Camera Icon' is grayed-out... Then as you pass adjacent to the Speed cameras actual location, the Report a Camera Icon becomes Live... Tap the button to report the Camera....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • boljak
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I thought the speed camera icon is always active if there are no speed cameras close by. However in my experience, say in some long stretch of a road, the icon is still grayed out. If I find a speed camera that is not yet reported, there is no way I can report it because the icon is inactive. This is probably the case for the type of map they use on go discover. It's a hit or miss. Sometimes the icon is active sometimes it's not.
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    My old tomtom go showed my speed why doesn't my discover 7"