V. 8.419 no improvements

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Hello moderators,
With version 8.419, there are no improvements or evolutions in the different options!

The speedometer never displays zero when the car is stationary.
Voice verification of the presence of work still does not work correctly.

No improvement in the management of a new route in the event of incidents on the route.
The notification of change of direction of the trip is always too important especially when you want to make a report.
Hazard reports don't work because they don't show up after you make one.

AmiGo (just like go) with Android Auto is far behind other applications which offer many more options!
Too bad.


  • Eric_1950
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    And we still have the awful flat map display with the illegible street names.
  • Narmonono
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    And I would also add that the map is much less beautiful and pleasant to look at compared to the beta version before!
    I liked the colors before (differences in color between town, fields, forest) but now everything is gray and beige, it's very bland, I feel like I'm riding on the moon!
    Good from there to say that I would prefer the colors of waze... no!

    Moreover, when we are during a navigation, the path in blue is always much too big compared to the road and when there are the colored lines for works, slowdowns, closed roads, we do not see them at because of the blue line of the trip and if the icons are not displayed, we are not warned!!!
  • dxg
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    And all of a sudden, tapping the speed display on the phone sends a report about the wrong speed limit rather than taking you to the full-screen GPS speedo, which is the sole reason I use this app - I run it on a phone alongside TomTom Go on Android Auto.

    The app settings still have the "tap on the speedometer to change view" option (which is turned on), but now there's no way to get to the speedometer view as you just wind up logging a problem with the speed limits in the map...

  • dxg
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    Well, it's September now, and this problem remains unfixed. Maybe I was the only person who used the fullscreen speedometer, but there's still a reference to it in the settings page so presumably we're supposed to be able to access it.

    So, if taping on the small speedometer in the map display is now to be used to report problems with the speed limit in the map, how do we access the full screen speedometer?