Impossible to set car parameter

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I can't set vehicle parameters such as height, width or weight in the mobile application. i need to do truck navigation for my android


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    May be this TT App could be be used in this special case:


    The best of all: It presents the routebar based on TT realtime traffic all Nav GO users love so much:

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    That is an Early Access App, that can be unstable, that requires a license covering a partner App to be held

    Usually on the PND units the inability to be able to inout vehicle stat is because the user has downloaded and selected a non Truck Map.

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    Where to change Seinfeld abonnemang to Fleet abonnemang
    Admin: Machine translated from German

    Wo kann man Seinfeld abonnemang ändern zu Fleet abonnemang
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    There is no fleet option for the GO Navigation app. There is only the option for stand-alone truck navigation in open beta.

    The GO Fleet app that's in the Play Store is an addition to an existing Fleet subscription.