Tomtom Upgrade

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My Tomtom truck sat nav is on its last days. Keeps resetting sporadically, tried every fix I possibly know and couldn’t find a fix for it. It’s less than 3 years old and I paid around £350 for it, I’m liking the look of the new go expert but finding it hard to part with £400 when I feel hard done by with my other only lasting less than 3 years.

Do Tomtom still offer a discount for upgrading? I’ve heard they have in the past but don’t know if that’s the case still. I’ve tried emailing support but still haven’t had a reply. What’s the best way to go about it?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Jonny5282

    Have you tried logging out of MyDrive on the device while using it. You only need to be logged into MyDrive on your device if you want to Sync data and being logged out has no detrimental effect to normal use of the unit.

    Tap Menu/Settings/MyDrive/Stop Syncing. Whenever you need to be logged in you only need to input the MyDrive Password.

  • Jonny5282
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    Yeah I’ve tried that. Tried every possible troubleshoot I could find. Even bought a new dock thinking it may of been that.