Blue & Me- Fails to connect/pair with the Fiat car bluetooth

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I recently purchased a brand new Fiat Punto which came with a tomtom blue and me 2 live which plugs in to the dock on the dashboard. I have followed the instructions and I cannot get the Bluetooth to pair with the car. All I get is a message saying " blue and me cannot be found". I've taken this back to fiat who said it's not compatible with Fiat software and the only way to connect is via a phone. I find it hard to believe they would supply a satnav with a brand new car that is not compatible. Has anyone else been able to pair their satnav with a Fiat? Thanks


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    Yeah, that's when it says blue and me can't be found. The fiat dealer is telling me it won't find it because it's not compatible!
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    Think it is time to get tough with the dealership, they should be providing a compatible device and fixing any problems, threaten them with going to trading standards. It is their problem not TomToms
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    Hi. Have you managed to fix your problem as I have the same issue
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    We have the same problem with a brand new new Doblo (Fiat) it searches Blue&Me, can't locate the vehicle. I've upgraded the software on the tomtom but to no avail.
    From the messages in the above feed it looks like it is a Fiat (Dealership) problem.
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    And we have exactly the same problem with a Fiat TomTom Blue & Me 2 unit (bought from the Fiat dealer) and my daughters Fiat 500. The garage is clueless and just say "Well it should work mate - you're doing everything correctly"! Updated the TomTom software, rest it, just says Blue&Me can't be found".
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    I have same problem with my fiat 500 2010 model. Blue and me won't pair with tomtom. Screen remains find blue and me and no car symbol
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    I have the same problem with my Fiat Qubo, does anyone have a solution?
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    Hi. I have the solution.

    It's a little long-winded and technical as to how I solved it, but basically the BMConf file that's uploaded to the blue and me update site needs to be altered to install the Blue and Me TomTom software update in the car, rather than the Blue and Me Maps version, which my 2010 Fiat 500 came pre-installed with. In my case, I had to change the configuration code from BE590 to ABC80.

    It's further complicated by the Blue and Me update site needing flashplayer, which is discontinued, so you need to use a flash enabled browser.

    I now have the Tomtom2 satnav working perfectly in my Fiat 500, with all functions working.

    If anyone is in the Midlands, I'm happy to sort it for you.
    (It's probably doable remotely too, since I can email you the file to get the stock BMConf file off the car, then update it and email it back).


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