How to reset a GO 520 device?

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Turned on my 520 which will not boot up. Just ends up at screen showing no pc connection. Never wanted a connected and cannot force reboot..


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Guernseyman

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    Have you tried a soft reset?

    Regards, Vikram
  • Steve_1
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    Hi, I have the same problem, will not turn on, it's a go520. I held the on/off button for 20 seconds but nothing, is there another way of resetting the device please.
    Many thanks in advance, Steve
  • DougS2
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    Soft reset does nothing, stuck in a loop where MyDrive Connect tries to restore, doesn't, tries again.
    Tom Tom Support is garbage (can't log in to existing account and no way to reset password)!
  • DougS2
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    And can't contact Support at the moment due to webpage seemingly reverting to same page asking for login details again?
  • DougS2
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    Made some progress, have never seen a mention of removing additional memory card before resetting but doing that has allowed it to reset and start working!