Operating system compatibility for MyDrive Connect - Windows 11

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For when Windows 11 compatibility for MyDrive Connect?

How hard is it to make it compatible with Windows 11?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Ino
    Welcome to the community! Although our support article is not updated, but the application should be compatible to work with Windows 11.

    Do you see any errors after downloading the software from here- https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/mydrive-connect/


  • gezzie72
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    Hi Im new to the Renault Carminat with Tomtom live services. I'm using windows 11, i downloaded both Home and My drive, i connected the sd card to the pc, signed in but it says "no device connected". Neither of the software seems to be working. I dont want to spend money on buying an updated map if i cant use the software to update the card. Is either Home or My Drive compatable with Windows 11? or is there something else i need to do?
  • djrose007
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    I have recently upgraded to Windows 11 and now trying to install MyDrive Connect to update general stuff but also in response to a new Map upgrade email.
    Getting a problem with an error message that the mydrive.exe file is not downloading as it is not from a recognised supplier - I'm downloading from the TomTom website!
    Any ideas?
  • GG54
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    I am trying to connect my TomTom GO 5000 via the supplied cable to my PC running Windows 11. The TomTom says that it is connected to MyDrive Connect but MyDrive Connect says that it cannot connect to the TomTom. I have checked the firewall and it is allowing full access to MyDrive Connect. I have tried a soft reset with the TomTom connected and also when unconnected. Nothing seems to work! I have previously updated maps without any problems between the PC running Windows 11 and my TomTom. Help!!
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    Run Older Programs in Compatibility Mode in Windows 11/10
    See... https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/run-older-programs-in-compatibility-mode-in-windows-11-10/

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • Mike_HeldUK
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    Practically all the update stuff asks to connect my tomtom device to my PC. Alternatively I am required to enter the serial number. On a built-in Renault Carminat (Megane) there is NO place where the serial number is displayed. Then it seems that ONLY Tomtom Home will do the updating, so installing Connect is pointless. I only found this out by trial and error. The online guidance needs a thorough review and QA check.