Which version of GPX files should I use with TT Rider, and why are two files generated ?

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I am planning a trip down to Nice and have plotted the route on My Route App. When I export the GPX files to the TT, I get two formats, one is a route and the other is a track. However, both seem to work the same on the Rider, effectively (as far as I understand it . . ) acting as a track, where Waypoints are ignored (they become part of the track) and you follow the breadcrumb trail. . . . So. Am I missing something ?
Also, do different versions of GPX files do things differently ? 1.2 vs 1.1 etc ? I'd like to have the Waypoints announced, if possible.
Note: I am avoiding .itn files as they insist on going through each waypoint, (or you have to manually skip them) and in some areas of the map there are a lot of waypoints.
Your advise and guidance is appreciated !