Adding address points for houses

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I've made a few reports adding/updating house numbers. These have been marked as fixed but the map from the mapshare is still confused where the address is. Initially it would take me to the updated address but recently it went back to taking me to the incorrect address.

Try searching for 5 The Westering, Cambridge, CB5 8SE, UK. Now do the same for number 7, 9 and 11. They're all reported as being at the end of the street.

Here are a few report ids:

Am I reporting this correctly?

I've noticed in central London there are nice address points for each house. Why can't we have this in Cambridge too? Or everywhere else for that matter, along with correct post codes? I'm quite happy to report the correct addresses for the houses.


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    did it happen after map update
  • goglecm
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    It's been like this across multiple map updates (over multiple months). On a few occasions, the map from MyDrive would show me the correct location for the address, but then it will revert back to the incorrect address.

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    Good morning,

    Should all be fixed now, crossed checked with Bing Maps.