GO 500 "No Maps Available"

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I tried to update my map of West Europe. It showed me that I did not have enough space and MyDrive Connect page was showing me to remove the content from my device so I deleted the map. Now I have a message on my TomTom stating: "No Maps Available. Reinstall a map you already own or to go the TomTom shop to buy a map." When I press OK, the screen on the device goes blank.

The My Maps section on MyDrive Connect page shows the map of Europe West as corrupted. When I press repair, it states that I still do not have enough storage space.

When I have tried to follow the steps outlined, MyDrive Connect page states that my device is not responding and outlines instructions how to solve this:

"How to solve this:
Disconnect and then reconnect your device directly to your computer.
Make sure your device is switched on.
Tip: ONLY use the USB cable supplied with your device. Other USB cables may not work. You should plug the USB cable directly into a USB port on your computer and not into a USB hub or USB port on a keyboard or monitor. Do not use the mount to connect your device to your computer."

At the same time my TomTom shows that it is updating and instructs to not disconnect the device.

Any ideas how to resolve this?