Do you really try to fix the bugs which we have reported here?

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I know the Amigo app is free and may doesn't have the resources to fix the bugs in time. I reported some bugs/features here or via email many months ago, but I didn't feel my comments were emphasized. Those bugs still affect me when I'm driving. When my phone notify me the Amigo app has a new version to update, I always expect some bugs I reported may be fixed in this version. But the truth is I don't feel the app was improved, even the app version was updated continually.


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    Unfortunately, I'm like you!
    By reading the description of AmiGo on Google play, we find this:
    "Enjoy a navigation experience designed for drivers, by drivers,..."

    Personally, I took Tomtom at its word and also suggested improvements.

    I'm using the beta version to help improve AmiGo but I'm starting to get disappointed as some enhancement requests don't come through and I'm starting to look at other gps providers that are compatible with Android auto!

    One of the improvements which seem to me the most important for a gps, is to be able to know when AmiGo proposes a new route (because of a traffic jam or other incident) but also to have the possibility of confirming or refusing the proposal of this new route because it happened to me too often that Amigo confused me without my realizing it and made me take big detours when I had almost arrived at my destination!
    It's still strange that a gps in the 21st century is not this option like all my old gps of the last century!
    For information, I had made this remark a year ago and today still nothing!

    Another option would be to have the exit number of the roundabouts in the frame at the top left and there the same, this request was made a year ago!

    So maybe I'm the only one asking this but I think these options are the basis for having a working gps.

    It's a shame because AmiGo can become a very good gps and some of the improvements made are very good!