Route list management

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I plan many trips and have a library of hundreds of routes.
A simple list of routes is useless to me.

In MyDrive how can I group routes into sub-categories or folders?


  • fergussion
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    grouping is not available in mydrive
  • agesofman
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    umm so MyDrive is pretty well useless in the real world.
    Not impressed TomTom
  • Willy875
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    It's just an idea.

    You can group your routes by adding them in front of each folder, for example 1st folder 00 then the 2nd folder 11 then 22....

    Folder 00 will be at the top of the list.
  • Versys1000LT
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    New here, and have been running a Rider 550 for a number of years.

    thought this might be a good spot for a few questions/suggestions...

    First, regarding the suggestion in the above post about using "folders", ummm, not sure these are anywhere on the device and not evident in the web application. Any assistance on this?

    Second, I also have a longish list of rides, it would be nice to be able to view a table with the ability to a few action options (i.e. download or remove them from the device without having to open each individually and then work down a list.)

    Third, the device does show the name of the current road when on a "Route", but not when travelling. Is it an option to have this displayed without a "Route"?

    Have others, but thought this would be a good start.

    Thanks in advance for any support.