How do I cope with closed roads if navigating using a track?

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If a route plan is loaded on a Rider 550 as a GPX track, how do you cope with a closed road?

(my experience has been Rider will want you to ride closed road without option - to the extent I have had to abandon the planned route. Incredibly frustrating).


  • fergussion
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    Not possible to copy as the track will not change. Only way is to save it as a route in mydrive
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    I am going on a looong tour of Europe and prefer Tracks as they do not litter your screen with waypoints (and unlike previous models you cannot give waypoints customised names). I was hoping I might find an answer to this question but it appears not, so here is what I am doing.
    1. use tracks, if I reach a road closed I will follow a diversion, if there isn't one, I will head in the general direction and then after a while, reload my track and navigate from the 'nearest point option' rather than from the 'start' option AND/OR
    2. I will ASLO have loaded the itn route file, which I can revert to and again ride from the nearest waypoint ahead of me. NB this may mean deleting some of the waypoints that I have already passed . Once back on my correct road, I can continue with the 'route' or revert back to 'track' (starting at nearest point.

    This is a faff and yet another way why the Rider v5 was in many ways a better machine than the 550!