Download routes to TomTom GO

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Hi i have a tomtom where i have already recorded some routes, I have also created some online. But can these be download to the tomtom ios app, as really want to be able to use it via car play, onto the screen in my car. I know you never used to be able to do this - but has it changed?



  • lampard
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    Welcome to the Community, @PaulADI! If you created a route on the MyDrive route planner, you can sync them on the GO App (Main Menu> TomTom Services> enable MyDrive toggle). This is a limited feature where you can sync routes with waypoints from MyDrive, but waypoints/stops won't be depicted in the app.

    Best, lampard

  • Levisp
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    Unfortunately you can only import a GPX file via MYDrive Web Planner on a computer. There is no direct way into the app or the ability for MyDrive IOS App to do it. When you do it will import into App as a track. This functionality came I think last year and is a step in the right direction but I really cannot see with all of TomTom programming resources that this could not be achieved as a direct import into app. Other apps allow direct import TomTom Go is lagging behind.