Sygic now can when will TomTom

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I see my latest update to Sygic can now import GPX files. When will this be available in the Go App. MyDrive IOS app is broken. MyDrive Web App is the only way to import GPX files. However that requires using a computer. So please TomTom can we have this functionality. IOS Apps that have this already are Scenic 3, Calimoto, Sygic, Beeline Moto to name the ones I know about and have used. I like TomTom Go just wish it was more motorcyclist orientated.


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    +1vote include GPX
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    rider1rider I wouldn't hold your breath. I have posted several times over the years the requirement for GPX import functionality either directly into the app or via MyDrive app but there does not seem to be the interest. Obviously most users here are happy with TomTom routings with no interest in creating their own tailored routes. Don't think it will ever happen. In the meantime I will continue to use Scenic 3 a simply brilliant app. Unfortunately it does not show traffic or road closures the only reason I keep the Go App. Sygic I think is terrible but at least they have finally made import possible. TomTom is much better than Sygic.