Rest areas and Gas stations missing from route bar

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The gas stations and rest areas on USA interstates have "disappeared" from the route bar on my Tom Tom 620 World Maps and even my older Go 60, Looks like a software update has done this.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @johncliffe223
    Could you check if these are enabled under settings?
    Main menu- Settings- Appearance - Route Bar - Route Information

    If already enabled, I would recommend doing and soft reset and test again.

  • Obede1975
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    I have a Tomtom Go Expert Professional, the device does not show the truck rest parks in the display bar, even though it is in the device configuration to show it, we have a way to solve this thanks in advance.
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    When I search for service stations on a route along the way, I find a certain number of them but I only find a few on my route bar. in addition a few months ago I found a certain amount of information on this same bar that I can no longer find? kind place to visit in brown