My car is max 45 km/h

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I have now tomtom go professionele 520 and i have set max km/h to 70 but it keeps sending me on roads that are 90 i have little car 45km/h and in belgium is max roads of 70 for my little car so must i update somthing? The setting is alsof set at shortest routes


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    If you set to 70 km/h, it is the travel time that is taken into account the GPS does not select the roads.
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    Have you selected the 'Car' type route when panning your Journey ???
    In my experience the shortest route is worst route option to choose it is literally the shortest route from A to B it will take you down tiny country lanes through Housing estates though the center (And the dodgy areas) of Cities and Towns... I have only used the Shortest Route once, never again !!!
    I always use the Fastest route option and if I want to avoid Motorways, if I select 'Avoid Motorways' in the setting menus....
    Maybe Useful.... TomTom GO PROFESSIONAL User guide....

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