GO Navigation app 3.4.7 rollout has started

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We have started rolling out version 3.4.7 of the TomTom GO Navigation app:
  • Panning and zooming for Android Auto users
  • Fix where GPS is lost intermittently for a few users
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Frup
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    3.4.7. is working fine now via AA (as far as i'm concerned).
  • MUP
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    Setting "2D / no Autozoom" has now no effect at the Smartfone.
  • jacare60
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    Why when I click on "My Routes" it appears:

  • Fons_L_NL
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    I'm still having trouble launching the Go app on AA. With version 3.4.1 I could only activate AA via my mobile phone (Samsung S20) and in the new version 3.4.7 the app does not start again and does not appear in the AA launcher anymore. Only when I manually open the app on my mobile phone, the app also starts via the AA launcher. Please fix this bug as soon as possible as this is quite annoying.
  • Herby101
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    Mine is still at 3.3.86, this is the latest version according Google.
    How can people here see 3.4.7 and I am still seeing the old version?

  • velden1
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    Panning and zooming in AA works fine
  • mapfanatic
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    velden1 wrote: »
    Panning and zooming in AA works fine

  • Crusader3020
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    If My Places sorts alphabetically why can't My Routes be made to do the same please.
  • Massa
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    Hello just joined. Have no idea how to create a thread so asking here if ok

    On android auto is there a way to move the navigation instructions from the right to the left of the screen please?
  • MUP
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