How do I get traffic information?

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I bought a GO 620 six years ago and it worked well without mydrive; then it stopped picking up traffic information and needed frequent restarts. So, I bought a new GO 620. Traffic information works briefly with mydrive activated and almost not at all with mydrive de-activated. I do not need mydrive but I do need traffic. About 95% of the time the bar at the right hand side of the screen shows 2 queuing cars with a cross. I do get navigation information through gps so I can get to where I am going. One final question, Does it matter that I update via google chrome and not firefox. Please help. Bernard


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    Hi Bernard
    Could you see if the troubleshooting/workaround steps advised by @kieron in this comment helps you to get TomTom Traffic working on your GO WiFi 620(without using MyDrive app)?

    Change of browser should not be a problem as all the updates are performed through a WiFi® internet connectivity.

    Also, on this topic by @YamFazMan, you will find all the information on how you can update a WiFi connected device using MyDrive Connect software application.

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    If you eliminate MyDrive you may find traffic works properly. Unpair your device and phone and remove those entries from the 620 and the phone. Then, without going to MyDrive, pair the Go 620 with your phone. Make sure Personal Hotspot or the equivalent is active on your phone.

    I don't understand the question about updating via Chrome of Firefox. Updates are done via your device, usually via WiFi, not using Chrome of Firefox.
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    Thank you for the advice I will try them both when I am out and about and comment further
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    Thank you both for your help thus far. I am still struggling. I have tried to get mydrive out of the way. It stays on the 620 but I can get rid of the app on my phone. I do not know about Personal Hotspot but I am now more sure of my problem. Let me try to explain. Both my old 620 (5 years) and my new one (one month) are identical. They are both logged in using the same details and I wonder if the two devices are conflicting with each other. I do have both in the car at the same time but one is always switched off. What I observe is that I can not get traffic as evidenced by the small icon showing 2 queuing cars with a cross adjacent. If I do a restart it is quite possible that I will get traffic when the devices starts again. This is hit and miss. The same thing happens with both devices. Is it possible, or advisable to delete one device and add it again with new account details?