go camper and poi list for campercontact is missing

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One of the reasons I recently bought a Go Camper is because, according to the box, it contains the POIs of Campercontact. That is not the case. From ACSI, ADAC and ANWB, but not from Campercontact. That is very unfortunate and means that I still have to conclude a contract with Campercontact. So the information on the box misinformed me. So I do feel disadvantaged.

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    Until the recent update, my tomtom camper had the campercont areas installed, does anyone know how to reinstall them?

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    I have several issues relating to the Camper POI’s that are meant to be included with the Go Camper.

    According to the box:

    It should contain the POIs of Campercontact (Europe)

    - I am missing all the Countries of Europe viz France, Spain, Italy etc. etc.

    As I only have the GB Campercontact list.
    But that list is incomplete and is missing contact details / other information on each campsite.

    With regards to the POI from ACSI, ADAC and ANWB they seem to cover some of Europe but when looking at the ‘other information for each campsite instead of the detail being in English its either in Dutch / German / English……….

    ACSI CampingCard – has multi language translations
    ACSI Camping Dutch then English translation.
    ADAC Camper Campings German description
    ADAC Campings German description
    ANWB Camper Campings Dutch description
    ANWB Campings Dutch description

    Is my experience the same as other Go Camper users please?

    (I am not sure when these changes occurred as we have not planned any trips for some time due to “lockdowns”.)

    Example screenshots :

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    Hi @Lost_Soul
    I have merged your discussion into an existing thread where the same issue was reported earlier last month.
    We have raised an internal ticket (CCARE-3526) to investigate the issue.

    Will post back once there is an update to share.

    Thank you,
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    Hi @VikramK

    I had seen the earlier thread and although it had similarities thought a separate discussion was needed to see if other UK users had the same missing POI set / the translation issues, but thank you for raising an internal ticket to investigate and hopefully resolve all. :|

  • VikramK
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    Hello Everyone,
    The issue has been resolved, and the POI updates should be distributed as usual :)

    Thank you,
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    With the latest map update 1090, now I have poi campercontact camping.
    But as far as I can see this is by far not a complete list.

    How old is this poi list?
    Which countries ar covered with this poi list?
    How many poi's are in the list? Should be more than 37000 according to the website campercontact.com
    Why only campings and no motorhome parkings?

    This is not usable and I still feel being fooled. I bought a Go Camper and may expect a regular complete update from Campercontact Poi's
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    Can you confirm how the Camper POI's are to be updated please as I can see no mechanism either on the device or via My Content using MyDrive Connect.

    There has been no change on my Go Camper and the various issues I outlined above still remain unresolved.

    I agree with @m_vdberg the number of POI's on our devices are incomplete and not comparable to the respective websites.