tomtom 550 connection issues

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Hi can anyone help I have a TT550, a Pact talk bold head set and Huawei smart phone how the hell do you set these up so they work as should ??? I cant seem to hold any calls see txt ect ....I have set up as instruction from both TT site and Pack talk, but nothing seems to work as it should, sometimes I see the phone symbol in lower right screen of TT, but it only stays there for a few mins if at all, at power up and then off it goes ..the phone is still connected to TT as it shows in BT connections on TT, Im stumped ??? Any help please ?????


  • denbo1400
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    well thats a no then i cant believe Im the only one having issue with this surely
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    I am also having issues with my Huawei, the problem is most probably Huawei's Bluetooth, I had also issues between it and a Garmin watch, and Garmin pointed out, that other Huawei users experience similar problems.
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    I could never get my Rider to connect to my Huawei P20. However, that was the one and only Bluetooth device with which the P20 has ever had a Bluetooth issue.

    Now that I have a Samsung S21, the connection is better but not perfect; what has become worse is the connection between the rider and my Cardo freecom 4+: on my last ride, on the way back the Cardo kept saying: GPS disconnected, GPS connected, GPS disconnected... every other minute. Then the Rider decided to switch off and reboot, and when it rebooted it had lost the track I had planned.

    The truth is that the Rider is a half-baked piece of unreliable software.