Rider 550 can't navigate to start of route

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I planned a winding route, as I cannot mix segments of the route with different settings (winding or fast) I opted to create only the winding part as a route. The logic was to load the route from my GPS and click on the drive to the starting point.
After the latest update, the GPS is behaving erratically, I loaded the route, chose to navigate to the starting point, GPS displayed the recommendation (proper one) then popped the "Changes borders" message (the route was planned for a neighboring country), dismissed it and chose to ride...
After 2 minutes, the GPS decided that for some reason it had to tilt its screen (no angle or anything changed) for a few seconds, then when re-oriented all the information for navigating to the start of the route was gone (I could only see the navigation overlay guide).
Reset the device, re-start, and again the same, third restart of the device, displays the navigation info (sidebar) but completely loses the navigation overlay...
At last, when I managed to get to the starting point, the slightest deviation and the device suggested I go through each freaking village road (instead of just going around....thrill is not passing a village with 30Km speed limit and stone roads).
I mean, it's not fun, have used Garmin devices for ages till my last device decided to die in a heavy rain....decided to go with TomTom, and till now I have had some serious doubts about its suggestions.
In summary:
  • Add an option to avoid entering small towns, villages when someone decides to plan a thrill....No, village/city block corners are not thrilling...
  • Add an option to mix segment settings, thrills are manually planned, but getting there doesn't mean I want to add +5 hours unless I really want to


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    Was the route synced as a track
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    @rider1rider that is a good question (and I just only noticed that there is a difference), I planned the route in TomTom MyDrive and synced it (through USB) so from what I read it could be the case that it was synced as a track.
    Yet the behavior of my device while trying to navigate to the starting point is still an issue (apart from the suggestions while riding the route), so the device would tilt the map projection and additionally either would display the track on the map (yet without info) or display info without the track on the map.